V20 Experimental character generation

Generation points are allocated by area of character development. On ratings 1-3 they are usually spent 1 for 1, a rating of 4 costs 2 and a rating of 5 costs 3. This is because almost everything grants qualities ( old school specialties) at ratings 4 and above. When a quality is applicable to a roll 10s are counted as two successes each.

Starting vampiric generation is set by campaign and can be improved or worsened by merits and flaws.

  • Attributes: if using categories points for spending are 8/6/4
  • Abilities: 30
  • Backgrounds: 9
  • Virtues: 7
  • Disciplines/Paths: 8
  • Merits/Flaws: 15

Talents/Skills/Knowledges are no longer separate.

An unskilled check is rolled at attribute -2 dice.

Inherent backgrounds (arcane, generation etc.) are now considered merits.

V20 Experimental character generation

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